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    Phil H, Falls Church Virginia

    Might as well do my first podiatrist review. About a week ago, I detected a splinter or piece of glass in my foot.   I run every day, so this started to get annoying.  It is so freaking hard to see a specialist on short notice.  I saw she had 3 good reviews here on yelp, she was convenient and I gave her a ring. She was booked solid for 2 weeks. Luckily she had a cancellation on I got in there (from when I tried to book the previous Friday).

    The paperwork was sent to my house over the weekend to complete early, including directions, if you needed them. The waiting room was clean and relaxing and the big bowl of candy awaited all would-be patients.  I had to fill out one more form and about 10 minutes after my scheduled time I was whisked to the room.

    She showed right up...asked me a few questions...and then started scraping at my splinter for about 5 or 6 minutes and chatting it up with me about the perils of flip flops, the dangers of not stretching before a run, and about the forthcoming arrival of her new baby....and by then the splinter was out and foot back to normal. She gave me two free samples of cream to put on the wound for about a week and didn't write me any unnecessary prescripions.  My kind of gal.

    Everything went great....if you need your foot examined....take it on in there.


    Elena C, Arlington Virginia

    I saw Dr. Smith today because I'd been having persistent pain in my foot that was keeping me from wearing my 4+ inch heels.  I was pretty much expecting to be chastised for wearing such high heels, but instead Dr. Smith gave me great, realistic, practical advice about how to take care of my feet so that I can keep wearing the shoes that I love.  She took the time to talk to me at length and answer all my questions.  I especially appreciated that took an x-ray and explained to me exactly what she saw happening with my foot and what I could do to best address it.  I would definitely recommend her!


    Todd P, Arlington Virginia

    Christmas morning, I missed the last step on the front stairs and thought I just rolled my ankle and had a bad sprain.  We were already thirty minutes late, had three in-laws in Pennsylvania to hit on our way to my family in New Jersey, so I I took some over the counter pain medication and off we went.  I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my general practitioner the following Tuesday, so I figured I'd just have them look at it then.  They only gave it a cursory look, said to ice it and elevate it and sent me off.

    Three weeks later it was still hurting, in some ways worse than before, so I called my doctor's office for a referral.  They wanted me to come back into the office to check it and then they might have referred me for x-rays, etc. and I figured I'd just cut out the middle man and try to find someone myself.  I went on my insurance company's web page, looked for podiatrists and then started Googling the ones that were closest to home.  None had web pages or reviews anywhere, so I took a best guess and gave Dr. Smith's office a call.

    The office was very responsive and accommodating.  They didn't have any appointments that day, but said that if they got a cancellation they might be able to get me in at 6:15PM that day and if not definitely two days later and that they'd give me a call in about an hour.  About an hour later they called as promised and we scheduled an appointment for two days later.

    Located in what appears to be an old condo complex turned into professional offices, the office was very easy to get to with good parking.  One of the things I hate about my regular doctor's office at Virginia Hospital is the $4 parking, which I think is a scam.  The office staff was as efficient and polite as they were on the phone, got me started on my paperwork and I waited for Dr. Smith to be ready.

    Dr. Smith was obviously finishing up with another patient, but while she had a chance, she came out to the waiting area to find out what my situation was and determined she wanted to get x-rays before seeing me, which gave her time to finish up with her other patient.  I didn't actually get started on my exam until about thirty minutes after my appointment time, but I could tell that Dr. Smith was working alone with one assistant and was giving her patients her full attention, which is the treatment I got once she was ready.

    They took a quick x-ray, then took me to an exam room to look at my ankle in detail, and by the time she was done with the physical exam the x-rays were back showing I had a distal oblique/spiral fibular fracture.  Dr. Smith was very thorough about showing me and explaining what that was on the x-rays and on models, and quickly had me fitted for a boot with two prescriptions for pain medications.  All the time she was very professional as well as very personable, taking some time to get to know me and ask questions to make me feel at ease.

    While I found her by picking her name off of a list, I got very lucky with finding Dr. Smith and am glad I went to see her.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a podiatrist. 


    Grace J, Alexandria Virginia

    I injured my ankle while jogging Tuesday night I was two hours away from home so I waited till the next morning to get it checked out. The school health center said it could possibly be fractured so I decided to go home that day. My parents insisted on getting acupuncture and it was quite painful. I decided to call Dr. Smith because I didn't think the acupuncture was going to work and as soon as I called, my appointment was scheduled for an hour later! I got there and they did the xray and all that stuff and found that it was broken. I got a boot and need to go back in three weeks.
    Overall, she was very nice and the receptionist was very nice! They didn't just treat me like any other patient! I don't have insurance but the xray and boot cost me $165, which wasn't that bad considering the fact that Urgent Care charged $140 for an initial visit and $100 for the xray. I would definitely recommend her if you have any issues with your feet!